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"Sonic Youth" - A Fashion Film

Active learning is by far the most effective way to pick up any new process, and shooting film is no exception. A variety of... Read more

Article by: Gabriel Grover

Lil Bits of Love - Paulina Mo

We live in a strange time. If the 1920's were the Golden Age of flight, then the 2000's are... Read more

by: Minh Huynh

FWSD - Love Is A Devil

One of the most intriguing aspects of this week's Fashion Week San Diego (FWSD) is the way collections are shown to the public. The brilliant accessories line "Love Is A... Read more

by: Minh Huynh

'Sonic Youth" - AZ '13

We're excited introduce you to SONIC YOUTH from designer Osbaldo Ahumada's '13 line. We'll be... Read more

by: Nicole Quiroz | Editor-in-Chief

Neon Lust

Iam a thief and this is my confession. I take (or borrow) inspiration for my photographs and films from everything and everywhere. I crave for... Read more

Minh Huynh

LJFFF People In Fashion: Chesley Tolentino

We love fashion blogs. It's that simple. We are constantly inspired by the trailblazing, democratic and gonzo spirit of.. Read more

Minh Huynh

Reel Fashion: The Return of the 3rd Annual LJFFF

It's that time of the year again. Time to shine those stilettos, dry clean your evening best, and... Read more

Nicole Quiroz

Fashion Week San Diego - Stacie May

With my video gear in tow, I pull up to a quaint home in a neighborhood I know all too well, South Park, San Diego... Read more

Minh Huynh

Supernatural Wonder

During the past two weeks, New York has been going wild or maybe even insane. Yes, the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week started on February 9... Read more

Minh Huynh

A New World of Expression

Fashion films can captivate the soul the way no photograph can. They’re stylish movie shorts that... Read more

Nicole Quiroz


Designer Michela D'Alessandro is proof that there is great fashion talent in San Diego... Read more

Kiki Smith

Exotic Affair

What happens when you bring together two buzz worthy, up-and-coming indie labels for a photo shoot? Read more

A Mahal Style Halloween

Halloween is the one day out of the year when you don’t have to be yourself. Whether it’s by dressing up, dressing down... Read more

Lights, Camera, Action! An Exclusive Sneak Peek at “Æterna – In Search of Love”

Read more

A Closer Look at Desigual

Mahal Style had a special opportunity to step behind the scenes of the clothing line Desigual and interview a couple of key players who... Read more

Kiki Smith

A Handmade Thank You

In two years, Mahal Style humbly gained more than 50,000 Facebook fans... Read more

Tryst: A Mahal Style Fashion Film

"Tryst" is a sneak preview of couture designer, Osbaldo Ahumada's latest collection and his upcoming website... Read more

LJFFF: Miguel Ángel Font Bisier

Last weekend's 2nd Annual La Jolla Fashion Film Festival has left a lasting impression on the Mahal Style team. ... Read more

IMATS-6 Times a Year, 4 Different Countries

Mahal Style's director of photography and resident cosmetologist were... Read more

by: Rochelle Huynh - Creative Director

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December 12, 20121 year ago

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Are you stuck in a rut because you can't find the perfect "indie" gift for that... Read more
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Blog: Novelista Fashionista

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MS Theory: After Hours Mystery

The long awaited premiere of the fashion information boutique MS Theory... Read more
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November 6, 20121 year ago

13th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

One of the longest running film festivals in Southern California also happens to be one of the best... Read more
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November 4, 20121 year ago

Sonic Youth - A Fashion Film by Gabriel Grover

Active learning is by far the most effective way to pick up any new process, and shooting film is no exception. A variety of... Read more
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October 31, 20121 year ago

A Makeup Study: Zebra

To achieve this fun mask like makeup for our model, Veronica LaVery I used a combination of cream and powder... Read more