LJFFF People In Fashion: Krissy Fernandez

by: Minh Huynh

Krissy Fernandez


here are people who make art and then there are artists. Krissy Fernandez is an artist. This is evident the moment we discovered her company's FaceBook page: Junk & Po. Although this natural-born photographer has been a professional for more than 10 years, Krissy is relatively new in the fashion game - but her work shows years of maturity. We're confident to coin her as one of the best new fashion photographers in San Diego, and we're thrilled to see her art progress in the coming years.


rissy has already shot notable campaigns, including Miguel Angel Font Bisier's fashion film "Heraion: In Search of Life." She has also been featured in countless art shows. If you don't know her name yet, learn it now because you will undoubtedly hear about it in the near future. Come join the Mahal Style crew and Krissy at this year's La Jolla Fashion Film Festival.

Natural-Born Shooter

Minh Huynh
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