LJFFF People In Fashion: Gabriel Grover

by: Minh Huynh

Gabriel Grover


t first glance, you will find that Gabriel Grover is a well-dressed man. A "casual day" may consist of neck-ties, suspenders and perhaps, even a tailored vest. However, don't let appearances deceive you. Behind his disarming smile and infectious personality, Gabe possesses a rare and potent combination of creative vision and technical wizardry. Around creative circles, he is known as "the guy." The one who may help you with your art project and your science homework. Take a closer look at his portfolio and you will see creative branding projects like Panda Kat, brilliant typography designs and even a taste of 3d modeling. Perhaps he is "the guy" to change the digital landscape of creative media in San Diego.


oin Gabe and the rest of the Mahal Style crew at this year's La Jolla Fashion Film Festival happening today (July 27th) and tomorrow (July 28th).

Art Meets Fashion

Gabriel Grover
Minh Huynh
Nicole Quiroz
Video Production:
Minh Huynh and Krissy Fernandez

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